Our Mission

It is Şahlanlar's principle to provide services and products produced with modern methods and high technology, becomes distinct by the principle of continuous development and growing while ensuring the durability of the quality. It has Global GAP quality systems in pisciculture. In its fish processing facilities, IFS, BRC, ISO and HACCP quality standards are constantly applied by the professional team and production increasingly continues without compromising quality. In today's conditions, Şahlanlar is producing with over a hundred professional employees both in its domestic facilities and its facilities abroad.

The goal of our company is to contribute to the country's economy, provide our people with healthy, high quality products which can be safely consumed, and ensure the happiness of both producers and consumers. Embracing a caring approach to environment and nature in the field of water products, we aim to grow in the field of water products and increase the profitability and productivity while ensuring that the customers and the consumers are protected, enlightened and always satisfied with our products thanks to contribution of our employees and the improving technology.

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